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Hundreds of tiny elves, 12 arrogant reindeer, and a husband that does nothing but make toys.

At last, the truth about what it's really like to be the only female living at the North Pole...

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Written for adults, Mrs. Claus Runs Amok! (A Love Story) is authored and illustrated by Ms. Shirley Maxine Claus, (aka Max) the only remaining female giant elf and loving sister to Santa Claus, the last of the giant male elves. Until her brother found his human wife, Shirley was the woman of the house at the North Pole. She will be the first to tell you, it is no picnic. Her insight will surprise and delight you.

The Book


Imagine the pressures of living with several hundred elves and twelve arrogant reindeer (so they can fly... whatever), plus a husband who does nothing but make toys - all day, every day - and then gives them away. How do you run a household like that?? And balancing the checking account? Forget it.

This is the wretched plight of Mrs. Santa Claus. All year long, day after numbing day, she mends tiny elf socks and cooks tiny elf meals, serving them on tiny elf plates, and for what? A great big "Ho-Ho-Ho!" is about as good as it gets for a girl stuck at the top of the world without cable.


Unlike everyone else at the North Pole, Mrs. Claus is only human, and come December she is tethered to sanity with a loose knot. In quiet desperation, she waits for her annual night off - Christmas Eve. It's the one night of the year when her man is far, far away. The one night when she has no responsibility whatsoever.


But this year something is amiss. This year, Mrs. Claus is beyond a good book. She's beyond a warm comforter and a nice cup of hot cocoa. Way beyond. Nothing too serious mind you. Nothing you couldn't mend with a sip or two of chardonnay, but nonetheless difficult to explain when Santa returns home, because this Christmas Eve... Mrs. Claus Runs Amok! 

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See Inside
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But then...

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Shirley Maxine Claus (aka Max) is the author and illustrator of Mrs. Claus Runs Amok! (A Love Story). Now residing in International Falls, Minnesota USA, Shirley Claus is the sister of Santa Claus, the only surviving male Giant Elf. Shirley Claus is the last remaining female Giant Elf. Shirley formerly resided at the North Pole with her brother, where she provided all support services for Mr. Claus, the reindeer and the miniature elves. This is Shirley's first book, but will probably not be the last.

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